Step 1: Read the guidelines.

Step 2:  Read and sign the statement of faith.  Scan signed document and email to

Statement of faith and privacy


Step 3:

Watch these documentaries:

a) Nigerian Connection

b) Watch “Nefarious” (MOL Library)

c) Read “Slaves No More” by Sister Rita:  MOL Library

Step 4:
Time of prayer and Q&A one-on-one with a designated team member.

Step 5:
Participate on an outreach with the prayer team

Prayer team criteria


Step 6:
Ride along with a team to observe.

Step 7:

If want to be a part of the street team (data collection and drivers included), Go out with team as the data collector.

Data Collector Criteria


Step 8:
Go out with a team on the street.

Street Team Criteria