WHO WE ARE:  Mission Of Light is a group of volunteers who have come together to bring the message of Hope to trafficked women in the Naples, Italy community.  This group operates under the umbrella of Il Faro Baptist Church, but works with members of other churches in the area as well as sister organizations throughout Italy.

WHAT WE DO:  Our teams go out every two weeks to meet with women who are working on the streets.  We begin with a team of prayer warriors that pray for each and every woman, family member and controller with whom we come in contact or are told about.  Our teams then go and meet the women and bring them a small gift and a verse from the Bible. We pray with them and listen to their stories.   We see their circumstances: shamed, fearful for themselves and their families, hoping to find a way out of this way of life.  We cannot free them, but we can bring a message of hope from God who sent His Son to “to proclaim good news to the poor, ……to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners” (excerpt from Isaiah 61).

HOW WE ARE RECEIVED:  Most women with whom we have established a relationship are happy to talk with us and ask where have we been, when we don’t come for a couple weeks.  However, many women change from week to week, so we are continually meeting new women who have just arrived in Italy or have moved from another location.  Many women are open to reading or hearing information in their “heart” language, so we have letters, tracts, Bibles and audio Bibles available for those who are interested.

WHAT ARE OUR NEEDS:  We are always in need of prayer.    This is a very dark business and we often feel the heaviness of the situations that we come across.  We also need more men involved in driving the cars that we use to bring our teams to the streets.  Long term we will need the involvement of professionals to help with legal status as well as help victims and their families with medical, counseling, safe environments and rehabilitation.

WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT TRAFFICKING:  Please visit our resources page.

WANT TO GET INVOLVED:  Please visit our get involved page.