Beverly Jacobson

Beverly Jacobson

In 2008, while living a comfortable Christian life in Las Vegas, I entered the world of human trafficking.

My introduction to this world came through the power of the written word: news articles, web sites, books. I still remember the moment the truth sank in, the moment I finally understood that somewhere outside my safe little sphere, hundreds of thousands of victims suffered a living nightmare of abuse and perversion. My newfound awareness became a burden. I longed to do something—but what? Aside from financially supporting organizations working in this field, all I could do was pray.

Four years later our family moved to Naples, Italy. Prostituted women lined major streets along our usual routes. No longer hidden from view, the issue of human trafficking blazed its way once again into the depths of my heart. My burden became a burning passion. Through God-ordained circumstances, I met and formed bonds with other believers who are also passionate about this cause. After helping to facilitate a local informative conference about trafficking, I joined the Mission of Light team even before our family joined Il Faro International Baptist Church as members.

Now, my passion has become a mission. Not only do I feel called to share Christ’s love with the women on the streets, but I am also called to proclaim truth and bring awareness to an issue that frankly, we’d all like to pretend doesn’t exist.

After participating in two 5K races that raised funds for a local safe house for trafficking victims as well as for Mission of Light, some of us decided it was time to dream big.

If we can run 5K, why not a marathon?

If we can raise a few hundred dollars, why not a few thousand? Or more?

What if we raised enough funds that we could get a start on a Mission of Light safe house?!

What might we do if we dream big and step out in faith? Well, for starters, this almost-40-year-old mother of 7 just might cross the finish line in Athens after 26.2 miles!

Our team of runners just might inspire others to learn more about the issue of human trafficking.

We just might motivate folks to get involved by supporting a worthy cause.

We just might encourage people to search for ways to honor Christ in their own sphere of influence.

We run in honor of the millions of women and children held captive. We run to support efforts to bring them hope and freedom. We run…because they can’t.

Will you join us? Will you pray, first and foremost? Pray for our team of runners as we prepare for the marathon on November 9, but more importantly, pray for the ladies on the street who have no hope apart from Jesus. Pray for Mission of Light to be equipped to meet the ladies right where they are and unashamedly show them love and truth. Pray that God would be glorified in every aspect of this ministry.


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